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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: August 2019

Troubleshooting Installation

    The following are recovery instructions for zone installation failures:

  • If a zone installation is interrupted or fails, the zone is left in the incomplete state. Use the zoneadm uninstall -F command to reset the zone to the configured state.

  • If an error message is displayed and the zone fails to install, perform the following steps.

    1. Check the state of the zone.

      Output is similar to the following:

      global$ zoneadm list -cv
        ID NAME             STATUS      PATH                      BRAND    IP
         0 global           running     /                         solaris  shared
         - zonename          configured  /system/zones/zonename     solaris  excl
    2. If the state is listed as incomplete, uninstall the zone.

      global$ pfexec zoneadm -z zonename uninstall
    3. Make the corrections specified in the error message.

    4. Rerun the zoneadm install command to install the zone.

  • If a storage object contains any preexisting partitions, zpools, or UFS file systems, the install operation fails and an error message is displayed. Perform the following steps.

    1. Put the zone in the uninstalled state.

      global$ pfexec zoneadm -z zonename uninstall
    2. Continue the installation and overwrite any preexisting data.

      Use one of the following forms of the –x option in the zoneadm -z zonename install command. The –x option is similar to the zpool create -f command.

      • -x force-zpool-import
      • -x force-zpool-create=zpoolname […]
      • -x force-zpool-create=zpoolname1,zpoolname2,zpoolname3
      • -x force-zpool-create-all

      For more information about using the –x option, see the zoneadm(8) man page.