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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: August 2019

Canceling a Configuration Session

Two zonecfg subcommands enable you to halt the process any time while you are modifying property and resource settings. These subcommands can be used in both default and live modes of property configuration:

cancel Subcommand

This command discards the changes you just made to properties of a resource. The command applies only to resource configuration.

zonecfg:zonename:resource> resource configuration commands
zonecfg:zonename:resource> cancel

Canceling a resource reconfiguration nullifies the changes you set only for that resource. If you exit the zonecfg session, other changes you made to other properties can still apply.

reload Subcommand

The command discards any uncommitted changes and retrieves the configuration from a stable storage. You can issue this command only from the main zone prompt.

zonecfg:zonename:> configuration commands
zonecfg:zonename:resource> resource configuration commands
zonecfg:zonename:resource> end
zonecfg:zonename> reload
Are you sure you want to reload (y/[n])?

This command returns the zone to its original status at the beginning of the zonecfg session before you began configuring properties. See Example 9, Canceling a Modification and Restoring Saved Settings.