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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Zones

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Updated: August 2019

How to Manage a Zone That Has Become Unavailable

For demonstration purposes, this procedure refers to the UUID of the zone instead of the zone name.

  1. Become a zone administrator.

    For more information, see Using Rights Profiles to Install and Manage Zones.

  2. Display the UUIDs of the zones on the system.
    global$ zoneadm list -cp
  3. If necessary or possible, shut down the zone.
    global$ zoneadm -u UUID shutdown
  4. Verify that the zone is in the installed state.
    global$ zoneadm list -cp

    An installed status indicates that a zone is not booted.

  5. Determine whether the zone's unavailability is temporary or permanent.

    Your investigation and analysis might extend beyond just zone-specific issues.

  6. Change the status of the zone.

    The status depends on the nature of the problem.

    • The problem is temporary.

      Temporary failures might be caused by dropped network connections, misconfiguration, and other resolvable issues. For this type of problem, do the following:

      1. Mark the zone's status as unavailable.
        global$ zoneadm -u UUID mark unavailable

        The unavailable status indicates that an installed zone cannot be booted. This state is displayed by the zoneadm list -p command.

      2. Fix the problem that caused the zone to fail.
      3. After the problem is resolved, return the zone to the installed state.
        global$ zoneadm -u UUID attach
      4. (Optional) Put the zone in a ready state.
        global$ zoneadm -u UUID mark ready

        Perform this step if you do not want to use the zone at this time. Booting the zone in the next step automatically brings the zone to a ready state before booting.

      5. Boot the zone.
        global$ zoneadm -u UUID boot
    • The problem is permanent.

      Permanent problems might be in the form of corrupt ZFS file systems, for example. You cannot recover a zone that undergoes a permanent failure.

      1. Mark the zone's status as incomplete.
        global$ zoneadm -u UUID mark incomplete

        Note -  Marking a zone incomplete is irreversible.
      2. Uninstall and remove the zone.

        See How to Uninstall and Remove a Zone.