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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Kernel Zones

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Updated: August 2021

Directly Installing a Kernel Zone

A kernel zone direct installation occurs when you do not specify the –b option during a zoneadm install operation. Direct installation is the simplest kernel zone installation method.

In a direct installation, the installer runs in the global zone. The installer creates and formats the kernel zone boot disk and installs Oracle Solaris packages on that disk using the global zone's pkg publishers.

Note -  In a kernel zone direct installation, the installer installs the exact version of Oracle Solaris that is running in the global zone. To install a different version of Oracle Solaris, you must choose a different installation method.

How to Directly Install a Kernel Zone

  1. On the kernel zone host, become an administrator.

    For more information, see Using Rights Profiles to Install and Manage Zones in Creating and Using Oracle Solaris Zones.

  2. Install the kernel zone.
    global$ pfbash zoneadm -z kzone install

    Note -  If a direct installation fails after zone verification, confirm that the publishers on the global zone have all of the required package components. See Troubleshooting Local Package Repositories in Creating Package Repositories in Oracle Solaris 11.4 for more information.
  3. (Optional)Review the installation logs.

    For their location, see Installing a Kernel Zone.

  4. Boot the kernel zone.
    global$ zoneadm -z kzone boot

    You can now log in to the zone. Oracle Solaris provides several login methods. The methods for kernel zones are identical to the methods for non-global zones. What you are going to do in the zone determines your login method. See How to Create and Deploy a Non-Global Zone in Creating and Using Oracle Solaris Zones.

Example 21  Installing a Kernel Zone Using Direct Installation

This example shows a successful direct installation of the kernel zone kzone1.

global$  pfbash zoneadm -z kzone1 install
Progress being logged to /var/log/zones/zoneadm.20146T195713Z.kzone1.install
pkg cache: Using /var/pkg/publisher.
 Install Log: /system/volatile/install.778521/install_log
 AI Manifest: /tmp/zoneadm777933.spq5FV/devel-ai-manifest.xml
  SC Profile: /usr/share/auto_install/sc_profiles/enable_sci.xml
Installation: Starting ...

        Creating IPS image
         Startup: Retrieving catalog 'nightly' ... Done
         Startup: Caching catalogs ... Done
         Startup: Refreshing catalog 'nightly' ... Done
         Startup: Refreshing catalog 'solaris' ... Done
         Startup: Refreshing catalog 'extra' ... Done
         Startup: Caching catalogs ... Done
        Installing packages from:
                origin:  http://ipkg.us.oracle.com/solaris11/dev/
         Startup: Linked image publisher check ... Startup: Refreshing catalog 'nightly' ... Done
         Startup: Refreshing catalog 'solaris' ... Done
         Startup: Refreshing catalog 'extra' ... Done
        Planning: Solver setup ... Done
        Planning: Running solver ... Done
        Planning: Finding local manifests ... Done
        Planning: Fetching manifests:   0/477  0% complete
        Planning: Fetching manifests: 477/477  100% complete
        Planning: Package planning ... Done
        Planning: Merging actions ... Done
        Planning: Checking for conflicting actions ... Done
        Planning: Consolidating action changes ... Done
        Planning: Evaluating mediators ... Done
        Planning: Planning completed in 29.49 seconds
        The following licenses have been accepted and not displayed.
        Please review the licenses for the following packages post-install:
        Package licenses may be viewed using the command:
          pkg info --license <pkg_fmri>

        Download:     0/52325 items    0.0/535.0MB  0% complete
        Download:  1024/52325 items   30.8/535.0MB  5% complete
        Download:  2233/52325 items   42.7/535.0MB  7% complete
        Download: 46744/52325 items  518.8/535.0MB  96% complete (6.4M/s)
        Download: Completed 534.98 MB in 79.80 seconds (5.0M/s)
         Actions:     1/74042 actions (Installing new actions)
         Actions: 17036/74042 actions (Installing new actions)
         Actions: 72796/74042 actions (Installing new actions)
         Actions: Completed 74042 actions in 97.96 seconds.
Installation: Succeeded
        Done: Installation completed in 359.901 seconds.