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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Kernel Zones

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Updated: August 2021

Configuring the suspend Resource Type

Suspend and resume are supported for a kernel zone only if a kernel zone has a suspend resource in its configuration. You must add a suspend resource and set its path or storage property before you can suspend the kernel zone.

Suspend and resume is necessary for warm migration. If you want to perform a warm migration, the suspend resource must use a shared storage location that is accessible to the source host and the target host. The storage device for the suspended image must be large enough to accommodate the amount of memory allocated to the kernel zone in its capped-memory:physical property.

Other uses for suspend and resume include enabling the ability to pause a zone instead of shutting it down when system maintenance is needed. Suspend and resume can enable the kernel zone and its running applications to be ready for use more quickly.

You can also set the autoshutdown=suspend global property to enable a kernel zone to be suspended automatically instead of shut down when the global zone is shut down. For more information, see autoshutdown Global Property in Oracle Solaris Zones Configuration Resources.

Note -  If a kernel zone is using SR-IOV, the ability to suspend and warm or live migrate the kernel zone is limited to host systems and zones running Oracle Solaris 11.4. See About Migration of Kernel Zones with SR-IOV-Enabled anet Resources for more information.

For a more extensive example and background, see Migratory Solaris Kernel Zones.

Example 17  Configuring a suspend Resource to Enable Pausing a Kernel Zone

This example shows how to set a suspend resource to use a local path to enable suspend and resume so you can pause the kernel zone on the host.

global$ pfbash zonecfg -z kz1
zonecfg:kz1> add suspend
zonecfg:kz1:suspend> set path=/system/zones/kz1/suspend
zonecfg:kz1:suspend> end
zonecfg:kz1> info suspend
        path: /system/zones/kz1/suspend

The zone can be suspended with the following command and later resumed with a zoneadm boot command.

global$ zoneadm -z kz1 suspend
Example 18  Configure the suspend Resource to Enable Warm Migration

This example shows how to reset a suspend resource to use a storage URI for a iSCSI device.

global$ pfbash zonecfg -z kz1
zonecfg:kz1> select suspend
zonecfg:kz1:suspend> clear path
zonecfg:kz1:suspend> set storage=iscsi://system/luname.naa.501337600144f0dbf8af1900
zonecfg:kz1:suspend> end ; exit

See Using Warm Migration to Migrate a Kernel Zone for more information.

See the solaris-kz(7) man page for more information about suspend resource type requirements.