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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Kernel Zones

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Updated: August 2021

Setting Maintenance Mode to Prepare for Kernel Zone Evacuation

Use maintenance mode to prepare for evacuation of the zones. Starting maintenance mode logs an audit record, and prevents the subsequent attach, boot, or incoming migration of any zones into the system. You can start maintenance mode before you perform administrative tasks on a zones host to remove it from service before you migrate the zones.

The Maintenance and Repair rights profile is required to change maintenance state.

To place the source host in maintenance mode and specify an optional accompanying message, using the following command:

sysadm maintain -s -m "message-text"

For example, to place a system in maintenance mode with a message and then list the maintain status:

global$ pfbash sysadm maintain -s -m "Updating system to new release"
global$ sysadm maintain -l 
TYPE   USER     DATE               MESSAGE
admin  root     2016-07-22 17:57   Updating system to new release

The status shows the type of maintenance, the user who ran the maintain command, the time run, and the message. The only type of maintenance currently supported is admin.