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Creating and Using Oracle® Solaris Kernel Zones

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Updated: August 2021

Evacuating Kernel Zones

After you have set up non-interactive authentication, set the evacuation targets, and initiated maintenance mode, you can proceed with zone evacuation.

The default evacuate command attempts to live migrate each running zone to the evacuation target configured in the zone's SMF service instance's evacuation/target property. If a running zone is a brand other than solaris-kz, it cannot be live migrated, and evacuation is skipped for that zone.

You can specify the –a option to evacuate all zones including non-running zones which will be evacuated using cold migration.

You can specify the –n option to perform a non-executed or dry-run evacuation. Migration is planned, and a dry-run migration to the target host is performed for each zone and the outcome or errors are reported.

Evacuation can be run several times in case some zones fail to evacuate on the first run. The return status is successful only if the evacuation as a whole is complete and no zones are running on the source host after executing the sysadm evacuate command.