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Setting Up the Application Development Environment in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: October 2019

Apache HTTP Server

Apache is a widely used open-source web server. Apache HTTP Server version 2.4 is available as an IPS package for the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system. For more information on the Apache HTTP Server, see the Apache documentation.

How to install the Apache HTTP Server

  1. Type the following command:
    $ pkg install web/server/apache-24

    Tip  -  Alternatively, you can install the group/feature/amp package. This package contains Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and PHP.
  2. Enable the server so that it listens to the incoming HTTP requests.
    $ svcadm -v enable /network/http:apache24
  3. To verify that the web server works, open the http://localhost:80 link in a web browser.

    A valid web page should be displayed.