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Oracle® Solaris Modular Debugger Guide

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Updated: February 2021

Transition From crash to MDB

The transition from using the legacy crash utility to using mdb(1) is relatively simple: MDB provides most of the "canned" crash commands. The additional extensibility and interactive features of MDB allow the programmer to explore aspects of the system not examined by the current set of commands. This appendix briefly discusses several features of crash and provides pointers to equivalent MDB functionality.

Command-Line Option Differences Between crash and MDB

The crash –d, –n, and –w command-line options are not supported by mdb. The crash dump file and name list (symbol table file) are specified as arguments to mdb in the order of name list, crash dump file. To examine the live kernel, the mdb --Kernel command should be specified with no additional arguments. Users who want to redirect the output of mdb to a file or other output destination, should either employ the appropriate shell redirection operator following the mdb invocation on the command line, or use the ::log built-in dcmd.