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Oracle® Solaris Modular Debugger Guide

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Updated: February 2021

Using MDB

    MDB is available on Oracle Solaris systems as two commands that share common features: mdb and kmdb.

  • You can use the mdb command interactively or in scripts to debug live user processes, user process core files, kernel crash dumps, the live operating system, object files, and other files.

    To start mdb, use the mdb command as described in the mdb(1) man page.

  • You can use the kmdb command to debug the live operating system kernel and device drivers when you also need to control and halt the execution of the kernel.

    To start kmdb, boot the system as described in the kmdb(1) man page, or run one of the mdb -K commands. For information about these commands, see kmdb Debugger Entry and the mdb(1) man page.