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Oracle® Solaris Modular Debugger Guide

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Updated: October 2019
Chapter 8

Kernel Debugging Modules

This chapter describes the debugger modules, dcmds, and walkers provided to debug the Oracle Solaris kernel. Each kernel debugger module is named after the corresponding kernel module, so that it will be loaded automatically by MDB. The facilities described here reflect the current kernel implementation. In general, the kernel debugging facilities described in this chapter are meaningful only in the context of the corresponding kernel subsystem implementation. See Using This Documentation for references that provide additional information about the Oracle Solaris kernel implementation.

Note - MDB exposes kernel implementation details that are subject to change at any time. This guide reflects the Oracle Solaris kernel implementation as of the date of publication of this guide. Information provided in this guide about modules, dcmds, walkers, and their output formats and arguments might not be correct or applicable to past or future Oracle Solaris releases.