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Oracle® Solaris 11.4 Programming Interfaces Guide

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Updated: November 2020

Using This Documentation

  • Overview – Describes network and system interfaces used by application developers. It also provides information about interfaces in areas such as shared memory, transport selection, and real-time administration.

    The Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System (Oracle Solaris OS) conforms to the third edition of the System V Interface Description (SVID) and to the Single UNIX Specification, version 3 (SUSv3). Oracle Solaris 11 is fully compatible with UNIX System V, Release 4 (SVR4), and supports all System V network services.

    Note -  This Oracle Solaris release supports the systems that use the SPARC and x86 families of processor architectures. The supported systems appear in the Oracle Solaris OS: Hardware Compatibility List. This document cites any implementation differences between the platform types.
  • Audience – This book is intended for programmers who are new to the Oracle Solaris platform or want more familiarity with some portion of the provided interfaces. Additional interfaces and facilities for networked applications are described in the ONC+ RPC Developer’s Guide.

  • Required knowledge – This guide assumes a familiarity with secure programming techniques, as communication with other systems or processes provides avenues for hackers to launch attacks. Appendix A, Secure Coding Guidelines for Developers, in Developer's Guide to Oracle Solaris 11.4 Security contains information about issues that programmers should pay attention to when coding a network application. The chapter also contains information about the interfaces provided by the Oracle Solaris operating system to make your application more resilient and secure.

    This guide also assumes basic competence in programming, a working familiarity with the C programming language, and familiarity with the UNIX operating system, particularly networking concepts. For more information about UNIX networking basics, see the following books:

    • UNIX Network Programming, Volume 1: The Sockets Networking API (3rd Edition) By W. Richard Stevens, Bill Fenner, & Andrew M. Rudoff.

    • UNIX Network Programming, Volume 2: Interprocess Communications (2nd Edition) By W. Richard Stevens.

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