A Oracle Forms and Reports Patch Set Installer Screens

This appendix contains screenshots and descriptions for the Oracle Forms and Reports Patch Set Installer screens.

The following screens are described:

A.1 Welcome

welcome screen

This page introduces you to the Oracle Fusion Middleware installer and provides two important pieces of information:

  • A navigation pane on the left that summarizes the tasks the installer will help you complete. Each item in the navigation pane represents a specific installer screen that will prompt you for information required to install the software.

  • Information about any prerequisites you might need to perform before continuing with the installation.

Review the information on this screen carefully to be sure you have performed all the necessary prerequisites.

A.2 Software Updates

Surrounding text describes r2softwareupdates.gif.

Use this screen to quickly and easily search for the latest software updates, including important security updates, via your My Oracle Support account.

A.3 Installation Type

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The following table describes the options on this screen.

Option Description

Install and Configure

This option is used during new installations only.

Install Software - Do Not Configure

Select this option to have the installer update an existing Oracle Home directory where the software will be installed. This is the option you will use when upgrading your existing installation.

If you did not configure your working instance in the previous release, then you will need to run the Configuration Tool after the patch is installed.

A.4 Prerequisite Checks

Surrounding text describes r2prereq.gif.

This screen analyzes the host computer to ensure that specific operating system prerequisites have been met.

If any of the prerequisite checks fail, then a short error message appears in the bottom portion of the screen. Fix the error and click Retry to try again. If you want to ignore the error or warning messages and continue with the installation, click Continue.

Click Abort to stop prerequisite checking for all components.

A.5 Specify Installation Location

welcome screen

Use this screen to identify the Oracle home directory you want to patch.

The following table describes the fields that appear on this page.

Field Description

Oracle Middleware Home

Use this field to specify the absolute path to your existing Oracle Middleware home directory; this is the directory that was created when you installed Oracle WebLogic Server. If you do not know the full path to your Middleware home, you can click Browse to select an existing directory in your system.

Oracle Home Directory

Use this field to specify the existing product Oracle home directory inside the Oracle Middleware home. This is the directory that will be patched with this installation.

NOTE: If you are performing an installation on a Windows operating system, be sure that your directory paths are valid and do not contain double backslashes (\\).

NOTE: If you specify an Oracle home directory that has already been patched, then you will receive an error message and the installation will not continue. Re-patching an Oracle home is not supported.

A.6 Specify Security Updates

welcome screen

Use this screen to enter your My Oracle Support account information so you can receive the latest product information and security updates via your My Oracle Support account.

The following table describes the fields on this screen.

Element Description


Enter the email address you used to register with My Oracle support.

I wish to receive security updates via My Oracle Support

Select this check box to indicate that you have a My Oracle Support account and that you want to receive updates via My Oracle Support.

My Oracle Support Password

Enter the password for your My Oracle Support account.

If you do not want to register for security updates or if you do not have a My Oracle Support account, then leave all the fields on this screen empty. You will be prompted to confirm your selection; click Yes in the dialog box:

A.7 Installation Summary

welcome screen

This screen summarizes the selections you have made during this session. It includes the following information:

  • The location of the software that will be patched

  • How much disk space will be used for the installation of the patch

  • The applications that will be patched

Review information on this screen carefully, and take one of the following actions:

  • If you want to make any changes to the configuration before starting the installation of the patch, use the navigation pane to select the Installer screen you want to return to and edit.

  • If you are satisfied with the information, click Install to begin the installation procedure.

  • If you want to save this configuration to a text file (called a response file), click Save. The resulting response file can be used later if you choose to perform the same installation from the command line.

A.8 Installation Progress

welcome screen

This screen shows you the progress of the installation. An installation log file is automatically generated and saved in your /oraInventory/logs directory.

If you want to quit before the installation is completed, click Cancel. Doing so will result in a partial installation; the portion of the software that was installed on your system before you click Cancel will remain on your system, and you will have to remove it manually.

A.9 Installation Complete

welcome screen

This screen summarizes the installation that was just completed. Your screen will show you specifically what was patched. The screen above is shown here as an example only.

If you want to save this summary information to a text file for future reference, click Save.

Click Finish to dismiss the screen.