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Oracle® Endeca Information Discovery Studio Documentation

Endeca Information Discovery Studio 3.0.0 Documentation

  • Studio Release Notes HTML TXT
  • Provisioning Service Release Notes HTML TXT
  • Installation and Getting Started HTML PDF
  • Endeca Information Discovery Getting Started Guide HTML PDF
  • Studio Installation Guide HTML PDF
  • Studio Migration Guide HTML PDF
  • General References HTML PDF
  • Endeca Information Discovery Glossary HTML PDF
  • Studio Security Guide HTML PDF
  • Studio Third-Party Software Usage and Licenses HTML PDF
  • User and Administration Guides HTML PDF
  • Studio Administration and Customization Guide HTML PDF
  • Studio User's Guide HTML PDF
  • Provisioning Service Administration Guide HTML PDF
  • API References HTML PDF
  • Studio API Reference HTML PDF

About Studio

Oracle® Endeca Information Discovery Studio is a web-based enterprise data discovery platform for advanced, yet intuitive, exploration and analysis of complex and varied data. Studio enables an iterative "model-as-you-go" approach that frees IT from the burdens of traditional data modeling and supports the broad exploration and analysis needs of business users.

Studio includes the Provisioning Service, which allows business analysts to create Studio applications by uploading their own data directly from spreadsheets.

Oracle® Endeca Information Discovery Studio 3.0 works with version 7.5.1 of Oracle® Endeca Server, the core search-analytical database, and version 3.0 of Oracle® Endeca Information Discovery Integrator, a suite of tools for ingesting data into Endeca Server data domains.