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Oracle® Communications Service Broker System Administrator's Guide
Release 6.1

Part Number E29444-01
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6 Mapping Custom Server Names

This chapter describes how to map custom server names to names patterns required by Service Broker.

About Server Names

Processing Domain server names must use this format:

During the installation, if you specified custom server names that do not follow these patterns, you need to map each custom server name to a name that follows the standard format as described above.

Mapping Custom Server Names to Service Broker Standard Names

You map server names using ServersMBean.

Figure 6-1 shows the ServersMBean hierarchy. ServersMBean might contain multiple instances of ServerMBean. Each instance of ServerMBean represents a single server whose name you want to map.

Figure 6-1 ServersMBean Hierarchy

ServerMBeans hierarchy

To map a custom server name to a Service Broker standard name:

  1. Create an instance of ServerMBean by invoking the following operation of ServersMBean:

    ObjectName createServer()
  2. Set the ManagedServerName attribute of ServerMBean to the custom server name that you specified during the installation.

  3. Set the SbServerName attribute of ServerMBean to a standard Service Broker name.

See "Servers MBean" and "Server MBean" for more information.

Servers MBean

ServersMBean is a root MBean for configuration of mapping between custom names that you specify for Signaling and Processing Servers and server names that follow the patterns required by Service Broker.

Factory Method

Created automatically.


string Name

Specifies a name of the mapping configuration

int MaxServerNumber

Specifies a maximum number of servers whose names are to be mapped


ObjectName createServer()

Creates an instance of ServerMBean

void destroyServer()

Destroys an instance of ServerMBean

ObjectName[] getServer()

Gets an array of references to instances of ServerMBean

ObjectName lookupServer()

Returns a specified instance of ServerMBean

Server MBean

Using ServerMBean, you can map a custom name of one server to a server name which follows the pattern required by Service Broker.

Factory Method



string ManagedServerName

Specifies the custom server name that you specified during server installation.

string SbServerName

Specifies a name that follows the pattern required by Service Broker.

string SbServerId

Specifies a unique ID that the server uses when generating TCAP messages. The ID must be unique across all domains.