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Oracle® Communications Service Broker Modules Configuration Guide
Release 6.1

Part Number E29454-01
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31 Setting Up IM-PSX ETSI Plugin

This chapter describes how to set up an IM-PSX ETSI Plugin interworking module.

About IM-PSX ETSI Plugin

IM-PSX ETSI Plugin is a network-facing module that enables Oracle Communications Service Broker to handle messages which existing IMs do not support. Unlike other network-facing IMs that communicate with TCAP users (such as CAP, INAP, WIN, or MAP), IM-PSX ETSI Plugin communicates with TCAP directly.

The configuration process of IM-PSX ETSI Plugin with the Administration Console is the same as the configuration process of IM-PSX ANSI Plugin. See "Setting Up IM-PSX ANSI Plugin" for more information about configuring IM-PSX ANSI Plugin with the Administration Console.