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Oracle® Outside In XML Export Developer's Guide
Release 8.4.1

Part Number E12888-05
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XML Export is part of Oracle's family of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) technologies known as Outside In Technology, a powerful document viewing and conversion technology that can access the information in more than 600 file formats.


This document is intended for software developers who are responsible for integrating Oracle Outside In Technology into their applications.

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The following text conventions are used in this document:

Convention Meaning


Boldface type indicates graphical user interface elements associated with an action, or terms defined in text or the glossary.


Italic type indicates book titles, emphasis, or placeholder variables for which you supply particular values.


Monospace type indicates commands within a paragraph, URLs, code in examples, text that appears on the screen, or text that you enter.

Forward slashes (/)

Forward slashes are used to separate the directory levels in a path to a UNIX server, directory, or file. Forward slashes are also used to separate parts of an Internet address. A forward slash will always be included at the end of a UNIX directory name and might or might not be included at the end of an Internet address.

Backward slashes (\)

Backward slashes are used to separate the levels in a path to a Windows server, directory, or file. A backward slash will always be included at the end of a Windows server, directory, or file path.


This notation refers to the location on your system of the main product installation directory.