Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39648–02

Upgrading a Resource Type

Upgrading a resource type enables you to use new features that are introduced in the new version of the resource type. A new version of a resource type might differ from a previous version in the following ways.

  • Default settings of resource type properties might change.

  • New extension properties of the resource type might be introduced.

  • Existing extension properties of the resource type might be withdrawn.

  • The set of standard properties that are declared for the resource type might change.

  • The attributes of resource properties such as min, max, arraymin, arraymax, default, and tunability might change.

  • The set of declared methods might differ.

  • The implementation of methods or the fault monitor might change.

Upgrading a resource type involves the tasks that are explained in the following sections:

  1. How to Install and Register an Upgrade of a Resource Type

  2. How to Migrate Existing Resources to a New Version of the Resource Type