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Staging Payments

The first step to set up payments is to execute a staging process that selects payments with a status of Approved for Payment. The staging process will not select employee payments if, in the employee's profile, the Hold Payment check box is selected on the Employee Profile - Bank Accounts page.

Select the Stage Payments check box on the Expense Processes page and run the Application Engine process to load approved payments into the cash advance staging table (EX_ADVNCE_PYMNT) or the expense report staging table (EX_SHEET_PYMNT). After staging a payment, you have one other opportunity to place a payment on hold during the review process.

Both accounts payable and payroll are staged using the staging payment process. If you select to reimburse using accounts payable, the payables pay cycle picks the data up form these staging tables. If you select reimbursement using your payroll system, we publish this request through the Publish to Payroll Application Engine process.