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What's New in the PeopleSoft Online Help

The PeopleSoft Online Help has been redesigned based on industry best practices and customer feedback. Starting with PeopleSoft 9.2 and PeopleTools 8.53, the PeopleSoft Online Help looks and functions more like a typical website, rather than the book structure that was used for help documentation in previous releases. The new online help includes enhancements to the user interface, navigation, and accessibility, as well as new integrated business process maps (BPMs) for PeopleSoft Applications online help and changes to how we deliver PeopleBooks and translated content.


The enhanced online help provides multiple ways to navigate to help topics. To find the help that you need, you can:

  • Click the Help link on an application page.

  • Click a link in a BPM.

  • Select a topic in a product table of contents.

  • Click a related link on a help page.

  • Perform a keyword search.

See Navigating the PeopleSoft Online Help for more information.


The integrated BPMs are a new feature in the PeopleSoft Online Help for applications. The BPMs appear in diagram format, as well as text-only format. The BPMs in both formats contain links that you can click to navigate to the help topics for the application pages or components that you use to complete the business processes.

See Using BPM Diagram Pages and Using Text-Only BPM Pages.


The PeopleSoft Online Help was redesigned with accessibility in mind. The accessibility improvements include:

  • Added alt attributes for all images.

  • Added summary attributes for all tables.

  • Enhanced text descriptions of images.

  • Improved navigation options and functionality for keyboard users.

  • Improved the underlying HTML code to work better with assistive technology, such as screen readers.

See Understanding PeopleSoft Online Help Accessibility for more information.


Along with the PeopleSoft Online Help, you can continue to access downloadable PDF versions of the help content in the traditional PeopleBook format. The content in the PeopleBook PDFs is the same as the content in the PeopleSoft Online Help, but it may be organized differently and it does not include interactive navigation features, such as linking from the BPMs to the help topics.

Translations and Embedded Help

PeopleSoft 9.2 software applications will include translated embedded help. With the 9.2 release, PeopleSoft will align with the other Oracle applications by focusing our translation efforts on embedded help. We are not planning to translate our traditional online help and PeopleBooks documentation. Instead we will be offering very direct translated help at crucial spots within our application through our embedded help widgets. Additionally, we will have a one-to-one mapping of application and help translations, meaning that the software and embedded help translation footprint will be identical—something we were never able to accomplish in the past.