Deploying to a Shared Drive Environment (UNIX)

For UNIX environments, you can deploy to a shared drive (not supported for Windows). When you deploy to a shared drive, you can:

The following procedure describes an overview of the process of deploying EPM System products to a shared drive. Use this procedure along with the installation checklist. See the Installation Checklist for a New Installation for details.

EPM System supports the following types of shared drives:

This procedure assumes that you perform the installation as the same user on all machines and that the user's home directory is the same on all machines, for example an NFS share.

  Deploying to a shared drive environment:

  1. Map all the machines in the deployment to the same network share.

  2. Run EPM System Installer on one machine to install all EPM System components on the shared drive.

    During installation, on the Destination/Middleware Home page, specify a directory on the shared drive.

  3. Run EPM System Configurator on each machine in the environment.

    • For each machine, on the Oracle Instance configuration page, for Home directory for EPM Oracle instances specify the same EPM Oracle instance home, and for EPM Oracle Instance name specify a new EPM Oracle instance name. For example, after configuration, the directory structure for EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE looks like:

    • For each machine, configure only the components to be run on the machine.

    • Configure Foundation Services first, on the machine that is to be the WebLogic Administration Server.

    • The Set Up Shared Services and Registry Database Connection configuration page displays only on the first machine.

  4. Complete the configuration on each machine and close EPM System Configurator before moving on to configure another machine.