Purging Migration Data

This feature enables you to delete the specified migration data. Only completed or failed migrations can be deleted. In Progress migrations cannot be purged.

  To purge migration data:

  1. Launch Shared Services Console.

    See Launching Shared Services Console.

  2. From Administration, select Purge Migration Status Report.

  3. In Purge, specify a value:

    • 1—Deletes all migration data

    • 0—Deletes all migration data performed prior to today

    • n—Deletes all migration data before a specified number of days from today; for example, entering 2 deletes all migration data before two days from today. (The value for n must be a positive number no greater than 999.)

  4. To delete the specified migration data, click Purge.

  5. To close the Purge dialog box without deleting data, click Cancel.