ODL Logging Levels

Table 8. ODL Logging Levels

INCIDENT_ERROR:1Messages related to a serious problem caused by unknown reasons. Users must resort to Oracle support to resolve the problem.
ERROR:1Messages related to a serious problem that requires immediate attention from the System Administrator, but which are not caused by a defect in an EPM System component
WARNING:1Messages related to a potential problem that a System Administrator should review
NOTIFICATION:1Messages related to a major lifecycle event such as the activation or deactivation of a primary subcomponent or feature
NOTIFICATION:16Messages related to normal events in EPM System components
TRACE:1Trace or debug messages of events that are meaningful to end users of EPM System components
TRACE:16Detailed trace or debug messages that Oracle Support can use to diagnose problems with EPM System components
TRACE:32Very detailed trace or debug messages, usually intended for an Oracle Developer to locate the source from which the error emanated