The FIX…ENDFIX command block restricts database calculations to a subset of the database. All commands nested between the FIX and ENDFIX statements are restricted to the specified database subset.

This command is useful because it allows you to calculate separate portions of the database using different formulas, if necessary. It also allows you to calculate the sub-section much faster than you would otherwise.

The ENDFIX command ends a FIX command block. As shown in the example, you call ENDFIX after all of the commands in the FIX command block have been called, and before the next element of the calculation script.


FIX (fixMbrs)


A member name or list of members from any number of database dimensions. fixMbrs can also contain:

  • AND/OR operators. Use the AND operator when all conditions must be met. Use the OR operator when one condition of several must be met.

  • Member set functions, which are used to build member lists based on other members.


The commands you want to be executed for the duration of the FIX.



FIX (Budget)
   CALC DIM (Year, Measures, Product, Market);
FIX (Budget, Jan, Feb, Mar, @DESCENDANTS(Profit))
   CALC DIM (Product, Market);

The following example fixes on the children of East and the Market dimension members with the UDA "New Mkt".

FIX (@CHILDREN(East) OR @UDA(Market, "New Mkt"))

The following example fixes on the children of East with the UDA "New Mkt" and Market dimension members with the UDA "Big Mkt".

FIX((@CHILDREN(East) AND @UDA(Market, "New Mkt")) OR @UDA(Market,"Big Mkt"))

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