Deleting Access

  To remove access permissions for members or Calculation Manager business rules:

  1. Select the member or business rule:

    • For members: Select Administration, then Manage, then Dimensions, then select the dimension and member.

    • For Calculation Manager business rules: Select Administration, then Business Rule Security. Select the folder containing the business rules, then select the business rules.

  2. Select Actions, and then select Assign Access.

  3. Optional: To migrate a user or group's changed identity or their position in the user directory from Shared Services Console to Planning, click Migrate Identities.

  4. Optional: To remove deprovisioned or deleted users or groups from the Planning database to conserve space, click Remove Nonprovisioned Users/Groups.

  5. Select the users and groups for whom to remove access to the selected member or business rule.

    Click Users to display all user names; click Groups to display all groups.

  6. Click Remove Access.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Click Close.