About the Production Reporting Language

The Oracle's Hyperion® SQR® Production Reporting language is a specialized programming language for accessing, manipulating, and reporting enterprise data. Using the Production Reporting language, you can build complex procedures that execute multiple calls to multiple datasources and implement nested, hierarchical, or object-oriented program logic.

The Production Reporting language has several key benefits:

With the Production Reporting language, you can design custom reports by defining the page size, headers, footers, and layout. The Production Reporting language enables you to generate a wide variety of output such as complex tabular reports, multiple page reports, and form letters. You can display data in columns, produce special formats such as mailing labels, and create HTML, PDF, or customized output for laser printers and phototypesetters.

The high-level programming capabilities that the Production Reporting language provides enable you to add procedural logic and control to datasource calls. You can use the Production Reporting language to write other types of applications, such as database manipulation and maintenance, table load and unload, and interactive query and display.