C.8 Network Specification Checklist

Complete the following checklist to ensure that the network specification requirements are met. For information about IP addresses, see Chapter 3, Network Requirements and Appendix A, Default IP Addresses.


By default, there is one default InfiniBand partition at the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 level. All compute nodes in the system are members of the default InfiniBand partition. The most common model for application isolation involves multiple IP subnetting, in which the most mission-critical applications are assigned their own IP subnets layered about the default IPoIB link. In this model, some subnets may also contain applications that have less stringent or otherwise different resource requirements.

Table C.8 Network Specification Checklist 

Network Specification Considerations





Did you complete the networking worksheet, which is included in Section 3.2, “General Network Configuration”?

Have you received the site-specific installation template from your Oracle technical representative?

Did you review the installation template and consult with your Oracle technical representative regarding any site-specific changes, if any?

Did you verify that IP addresses in the installation template are currently not in use?

Have you performed the required configuration within your network infrastructure to allow Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 to use the IP addresses specified in the template?

Have you registered IP addresses in the installation template with DNS?

Did you run the required network cables from your network equipment to the location where Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2 will be installed?

Did you label the network cables that will connect to Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2?