Oracle® Virtual Compute Appliance

Release Notes for Release 1.0.1

Oracle Legal Notices


December 2013

Table of Contents

1 About Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance X3-2
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Components
2 Mandatory Update of Release 1.0.1
3 Feature Overview
3.1 Key Features in Release 1.0.1
4 Known Limitations and Workarounds
4.1 Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Hardware
4.1.1 Compute Node Boot Sequence Interrupted by LSI Bios Battery Error
4.1.2 Appliance Is Connected to Data Center Network but External Connectivity Fails
4.1.3 Management Node Network Interfaces Are Down After System Restart
4.2 Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Software
4.2.1 Do Not Apply Network Configuration from Quick Start Poster
4.2.2 Do Not Reconfigure Network During Compute Node Provisioning or Upgrade
4.2.3 Do Not Change System Password Prior to Mandatory Update
4.2.4 Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Dashboard Unavailable when Logged On to Oracle VM Manager
4.2.5 Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Dashboard Does Not Support Simultaneous Users
4.2.6 Updating Network Configuration Fails Due to Field Validation Error
4.2.7 DNS Configuration Cannot Be Modified Due to Field Validation Error
4.2.8 Network Configuration Update Is Not Applied
4.2.9 Nodes Attempt to Synchronize Time with the Wrong NTP Server
4.2.10 Restarting Management Node Network Service Causes Oracle VM Server Pool to Go Offline
4.2.11 Unknown Symbol Warning during InfiniBand Driver Installation
4.2.12 Do Not Add Compute Node When Management Node Services Are Restarted
4.2.13 Node Manager Does Not Show Node Offline Status
4.2.14 Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Dashboard Login Screen Reports No Error for Invalid Credentials
4.2.15 Update Functionality Provides No Feedback in Dashboard
4.2.16 Backup Functionality Unavailable in Dashboard
4.2.17 Choosing Network in Network View Causes Java Exception
4.2.18 Compute Node Provisioning Fails and Reprovision Button Does Not Work
4.2.19 Virtual Machines Are Assigned to Compute Nodes in Initializing State
4.2.20 External Storage Cannot Be Discovered Over Data Center Network
5 Feedback and Support
5.1 Providing Feedback and Reporting Problems
5.2 Contacting Oracle Specialist Support
5.3 Data Collection for Service and Support