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Table of Contents:


New Features in this Release

Installation Information

Information for 64-Bit Microsoft Office Installations

Supported Platforms

Supported Languages

Supported Paths to this Release

Defects Fixed in this Release

Known Issues

Tips and Troubleshooting

Documentation Updates

Documentation Feedback

Accessibility Considerations


This document includes important, late-breaking information about this release of Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office. Review this Readme thoroughly before installing the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System and Smart View.

New Features in this Release

See the Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office New Features.

For new features relating to installation, architecture, and deployment changes in this release, see “New Features in this Release” in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Readme.

If you are coming from Release,,,, or, use the Cumulative Feature Overview tool to review the list of new features added between those releases. This tool enables you to identify your current products, your current release version, and your target implementation release version. With a single click, the tool quickly produces a customized set of high-level descriptions of the product features developed between your current and target releases. This tool is available here:

Late-breaking information about the installation of EPM System products is provided in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Readme. Review this information thoroughly before installing EPM System products.

Installing from My Oracle Support

To install Smart View directly from My Oracle Support:

  1. Download the Smart View zip file from My Oracle Support.

  2. Unzip the file.

  3. Double-click SmartView.exe to start the installation wizard.

    If you plan to use Smart View with the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2010, double-click SmartView-x64.exe to begin.

  4. Select the language to use for the installation wizard.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Follow the prompts in the wizard.

  7. When installation is complete, click Finish.

    Smart View is displayed the next time you open Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.

Installing by Autodeployment in EPM System

These instructions are for upgrading from Smart View 11.1.2.x only. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Smart View, use the autodeployment instructions provided in the documentation for the specific release.

Server Setup

To set up the server environment for autodeployment of Smart View:

  1. Enable autodeployment for your data provider as follows.

    • Oracle Essbase: Choose a method:

      • Use Administration Services Console (if available).

        1. Connect to the Provider Server, select Edit, then Properties, then Client Deployment.

        2. Choose either Force Smart View client to upgrade or Warn Smart View client to upgrade.

        3. Select the Apply Smart View client to upgrade check box.

        4. Click Apply.

      • Update as follows:

        1. Navigate to EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE\bin\

        2. Set these properties:

    • Oracle Hyperion Planning:

      1. Select Administration, then Manage Properties, and then System Properties.

      2. Set these properties:

    • Oracle Hyperion Financial Management: In the Financial Management Web Server Configuration Utility for Smart View, select Always force client to upgrade.

    • Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis: Autodeployment is automatic.

  2. Download the Smart View zip file from My Oracle Support.

  3. Make backup copies of your current SmartView.exe and version.xml before deploying the replacement files.

  4. Unzip the downloaded file.

  5. Copy SmartView.exe and version.xml to the location of the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace installation, typically: C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\common\epmstatic\wspace\SmartView

Client Installation

To install the Smart View client:

  1. In Smart View, select Panel.

  2. Connect to a data source in one of the following ways:

    • Through Shared Connections

    • Through a private connection with the following URL:

      • Essbase: http://<server>:19000/aps/SmartView

      • Planning: http://<server>:19000/HyperionPlanning/SmartView

      • Financial Management: http://<server>:19000/hfmofficeprovider/hfmofficeprovider.aspx

      • Reporting and Analysis: http://<server>:19000/raframework/browse/listxml


        If you are using Reporting and Analysis release or earlier, Smart View autodeployment will not work (12870087).

  3. When the message “New Smart View client version available” is displayed, click Click here to Install.

  4. In File Download, select Run.

  5. If a Microsoft Excel security warning is displayed, select Run.

  6. When prompted, confirm the upgrade; click Yes.

  7. The installation wizard is displayed; click Next.

  8. If prompted, close all open Microsoft Office applications, and then click OK.

  9. In the installation wizard, click Next and follow the prompts to install Smart View.

  10. Open Excel.

  11. On the Smart View ribbon, select the arrow next to Help, and then select About.

  12. Verify the new version of Smart View.

Installing from EPM Workspace

To install Smart View from EPM Workspace:

  1. In EPM Workspace, select Tools, then Install, and then Smart View.

  2. Select the language to use for the installation wizard.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Follow the prompts in the wizard.

  5. When installation is complete, click Finish.

    Smart View is displayed the next time you open Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or Word.

Downloading Help for Local or Web Server Installation

After installing Smart View, the online help is retrieved from a URL hosted on the web site. This is the default behavior for Smart View, and no changes are required by users to launch help.

However, you may require that the help be installed locally or on a web server in your organization. Some examples for the need to access help from a location other than are:

  • Help files must be installed on a local drive on an individual's computer for Section 508 accessibility purposes.

  • Internet access limitations; for example, your users only have access to URLs on your organization's intranet.

To accommodate the above types of cases, a help zip file is posted on My Oracle Support as a patch to Release, which you can download.

The procedure below describes downloading the help zip file. Further instructions for installation and configuration are in the following guides:

  • Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office Accessibility Guide. See “Installing and Configuring Help Locally.

  • Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office User's Guide, Appendix B. See “Installing and Configuring Help Locally or on a Web Server.

To download the Smart View help zip file from My Oracle Support:

  1. Log in to My Oracle Support.

  2. Select the Patches & Updates tab.

    The Patch Search area is displayed at the right of the screen with the Search tab selected by default.

  3. Under the Number/Name or Bug Number (Simple) heading, ensure that Patch Name or Number is selected in the drop-down list box.

  4. In the Patch Search text box, type this Smart View patch number:


    The Patch Search text box is to the right of the Patch Name or Number drop-down list box.

  5. Click Search.

  6. Download the patch zip file to a temporary directory.

  7. To install and configure the help according to your requirements, follow the instructions in either of the following guides:

    • Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office Accessibility Guide. See “Installing and Configuring Help Locally.

    • Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office User's Guide, Appendix B. See “Installing and Configuring Help Locally or on a Web Server.

Information for 64-Bit Microsoft Office Installations

In this release, Smart View supports the 64-bit version on Microsoft Office. If you use 64-bit Office, please note the following:

  • Oracle provides separate Smart View installation files for 64-bit and 32-bit Office systems.

    • SmartView-x64.exe is the file for 64-bit Office installations.

    • SmartView.exe is the file for 32-bit Office installations.

  • The 64-bit version of Smart View pertains only to the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office and not to the version of the operating system. Customers with 64-bit operating systems and the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office should install the 32-bit version of Smart View.

  • Although Planning Offline is supported for 64-bit operating systems, it is not supported for 64-bit Smart View installations. If you use Planning Offline with Smart View, you must use the 32-bit version of Smart View and the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office.

  • 13530466 -- You cannot install the 64-bit version of Smart View from EPM Workspace.

    Workaround: Download the SmartView-x64.exe from My Oracle Support for distribution to your users.

  • 13571266 -- On Windows XP, the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise® migration utility may fail to load.

    Workaround: Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86), available from the Microsoft web site.

  • 13606492 -- In 64-bit versions of Excel 2010 SP1, the presence of Smart View functions or using Function Builder may cause Excel to terminate abruptly and may prevent Smart View Copy and Paste functions from working. This is a Microsoft issue, and a service request has been filed with Microsoft.

    Workaround: Until the Microsoft fix, use the 32-bit version of Smart View.

  • 14342207 -- The Smart View function migration utility is not supported on 64-bit Office. This is a Microsoft issue, and a service request has been filed with Microsoft.

    Workaround: Until the Microsoft fix, use the 32-bit version of Smart View.

  • 14770595 -- You cannot install the 64-bit version of Smart View from the Oracle Business Intelligence Home page.

    Workaround: Download the SmartView-x64.exe from My Oracle Support for distribution to your users.

Supported Platforms

Information about system requirements and supported platforms for EPM System products is available in spreadsheet format in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix. This matrix is posted on the Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations page on Oracle Technology Network (OTN):


You must have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher to use the version of Smart View.

Smart View Extension Support

16492773 -- If you are working with Smart View extensions, you must use the version of the extensions. For example, if you want to use the Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance extension with Smart View, then you must upgrade to the version of the extension. Smart View is not compatible with older versions of extensions.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Version Support

You must have Oracle BI EE release or later to use the Oracle BI EE-related features in Smart View.

Office Support with Oracle BI EE Features

When working with Oracle BI EE data sources, Smart View supports these versions of Microsoft Office:

  • 2007

  • 2010 32-bit

  • 2010 64-bit

Supported Languages

Information about supported languages for EPM System products is available in spreadsheet format on the Translation Support tab in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Certification Matrix. This matrix is posted on the Oracle Fusion Middleware Supported System Configurations page on OTN:

Supported Paths to this Release

You can upgrade to EPM System Release from the following releases:

Note: For upgrading instructions, see the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Installation and Configuration Guide, “Upgrading EPM System Products.

Table 1. Supported Paths to this Release

Release Upgrade Path FromTo



A release earlier than Release 9.3.3.x

Note: If you are starting from Release, 9.3.0.x, 9.3.1.x (except for Essbase,,, and, or 11.1.1.x, Oracle recommends that you first upgrade to Release, then apply the maintenance release to Release, and then upgrade to Release If you are starting from an earlier release, Oracle recommends that you upgrade to the highest level release that directly supports upgrade from your starting release.

Security Synchronization between Essbase and Oracle Hyperion Shared Services was removed in Essbase Release 9.3, starting with Release Essbase and Oracle Hyperion Shared Services Release, however, still synchronize security information. For this reason, if you are using Oracle Essbase Release,,, or, you must first upgrade all products to Release 9.3.3, then upgrade to Release, and then apply the maintenance release to Release

This section includes defects fixed in Release To review the list of defects fixed between earlier releases, use the Defects Fixed Finder This tool enables you to identify the products you own and your current implementation release. With a single click, the tool quickly produces a customized report of fixed-defect descriptions with their associated platforms and patch numbers. This tool is available here:


  • 11793797 -- In Word, the Delete function in Document Contents does not work.

  • 13567557, 14270083 -- On larger workbooks, Refresh may take longer than in previous versions.

  • 14343188 -- Autofit fails on some function grids if the document has headers and footers.

  • 15990732 -- Instead of prompting for a user name and password, an error occurs when empty user name and password strings are passed in the HypConnect function, even though the user has already signed onto the system using Single Sign-on credentials.

  • 16020511 -- After an ad hoc grid with either a row or column count of one has been copied from Excel and pasted into Word, an error occurs when deleting the grid from the Documents Contents pane in Word. Grids of at least two rows and two columns will delete without error.

  • 16225354 -- Drill-through fails when the default browser is Internet Explorer.

  • 16232788 -- After clicking a drill-through cell, users are required to log in to the target application.

  • 16364785 -- An unknown exception error occurs when retrieving data on a sheet where multiple grids are enabled.

  • 16366454 -- When working with a data form that contains Smart Lists, after submitting Smart List values, performing a Keep Only, and then performing an Undo, some of the Smart List values are displayed incorrectly.

Disclosure Management

  • 14275300 -- Column widths and row heights set in a Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting report is not honored by Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management when imported into Smart View.


  • 14001763 -- After editing a data value and then editing a cell outside of the grid, the following erroneous warning message is displayed: “Excel sheet has modified data cells, do you want to submit?” Clicking Yes in the message and then performing a Refresh returns the old values to the sheet.

  • 14688828 -- Cascade does not work when there is only one dimension in the POV.

  • 14756784 -- If a blank row exists between date fields in a range of cells, results are inconsistent when copying and pasting rows or submitting cells in the range.

  • 16017903 -- Launching the Member Selection dialog box from the Smart View Panel, even though no cells or the sheet is protected, results in this error, “The cell or chart that you are trying to change is protected and therefore read-only.

  • 16027924 -- After changing aliases, a previously-docked POV toolbar became undocked.

Financial Management

  • 14074533 -- Cell text is displaying instead of data in Smart Slices after the second Refresh.

  • 16210776 -- When there are more than 100 members in a member list, filters cannot be applied correctly.

    Starting in Release, Smart View supports filtering on up to 500 members in a member list.

  • 15903590 -- In Smart View, when a form contains a previous period (@Cur-1) in the first column, the column referencing the current period (@Cur) automatically changes when data is submitted.

Financial Reporting

  • 14788220 -- In Word, some report images are not inserted correctly into the document.

Oracle BI EE

  • 14238189 -- If the data size for a series is more than 8192 characters, inserting a chart generates an exception. In this case, the resulting data set has exceeded the Office chart size limitation and the chart cannot be displayed correctly.

  • 14458848 -- In bidirectional (BiDi) language versions of Smart View, the text in the Prompt Selector dialog box is displayed from left to right, instead of BiDi format (right to left).

  • 14826073 -- The created/modified/accessed dates of Oracle BI EE views and folders may not reflect any locale changes, but always appear in the mm/dd/yyyy format.

  • 14469040 -- Charts, or graphs, do not display data formats correctly, but do display the correct data values.

  • 14672455 -- Graph creation may fail due to memory limits on Windows machines.

  • 14685678 -- An error may occur when users attempt to edit prompts when a double column prompt is defined for a column. With double columns, configurable in Oracle BI EE, column data includes a display column that has a code column mapped to it.

  • 14761830 -- After inserting rows or columns before a pivot table created using View Designer, an exception occurs upon refresh.

  • 14782104 -- There is no “Refresh All” available in PowerPoint. You can refresh either individual views, or all views on a slide. However, you cannot refresh all views in a presentation with a single action.

  • 14794872 -- In PowerPoint, tables representing sections may overlap upon refresh when the Refresh option is set to “Replace View.

  • 15886902 -- In Word 2007, graph objects may overlap when inserting a compound view.

  • 15896037 -- Copying and pasting content from an Oracle BI EE dashboard to Word 2007 may result in Word hanging if the content involves a table followed by one or more charts.

  • 15931324 -- Only the selected graph is affected when invoking Edit Prompts or Edit Page Prompts.

  • 15932113 -- In Excel, when a tabular view consists of multiple sections, data in section table may get overwritten upon refresh.

  • 15932298 -- In multibyte environments, table objects and graph objects may overlap when inserting a compound view.

  • 15958725 -- Copying report content from Oracle Business Intelligence Answers and pasting into Word using the Smart View Paste option causes Word to stop responding.

  • 15961118 -- If you refresh an inserted Excel pivot table successive times, changing the refresh mode in “Refresh Options” each time (that is, changing it from Refresh Data to Replace View, and back to Refresh Data), an incorrect “replace view” message displays.

  • 16032052 -- When all column prompts are deleted from a tabular view on the Oracle BI EE server, an error occurs when attempting to refresh or replace the view in Smart View.

  • 16218081 -- Content copied from BI Answers and pasted into Smart View is not cleared from the clipboard with the next Smart View Copy and Paste operation. The previously-copied BI Answers content is pasted along with the newly-copied Smart View content.


  • 14361743 -- In a Planning form, choosing a Spread Value of “4-5-4” results in “38082” being displayed.

  • 14367639 -- Smart List values that are updated in a web form in a Planning application are not reflected when opening a saved Planning data form in Smart View and connecting to the updated Planning application.

  • 15857523, 15857542 -- When performing ad hoc on Planning forms, if you click on any cell or column and then click Member Selection, a “dimensions not resolved” error occurs.

  • 15884283 -- In a Smart List with the #MISSING label set as one of the properties to choose from, users are able to select the #MISSING value in the Planning web form, but not in Smart View.

  • 15891772 -- While running a Business Rule in Smart View and trying to select a member in the Member Selection dialog box, the “Member Selection XML is malformed, can't initialize dialog” error occurs.

  • 15931209, 16185078 -- Users are unable to open multiple web forms or data forms using the Open Forms right-click command in the Smart View Panel.

Reporting and Analysis

  • 13704460 -- You may receive an error if you try to import a Financial Reporting report into Microsoft Word.

  • 13852842 -- When attempting to edit a Reporting and Analysis (BQY) document imported in Excel using Smart View, the following error occurs: "An exception was thrown: AUTHEN_CSSLoginFailed."

  • 15834207 -- When working with reports that had previously been saved in release or earlier of Smart View, you cannot update tables, and you cannot zoom in or zoom out on members.

Strategic Finance

  • 14110329 -- The “Set Active Connection for this Worksheet” option is available forStrategic Finance connections, but it should not be selected. This functionality is not intended for extension and subsequent operations on the sheet will likely not work.

The following are the noteworthy known issues of this release.


  • 6576419 -- When installing on Windows Vista, you are not prompted for administrator privileges at the beginning of installation as expected. Instead, you get an error message during installation that you do not have sufficient privileges.

    Workaround: In Windows Explorer, right-click SmartView.exe and select “Run as administrator”. You will then be prompted to supply administrator credentials

  • 9798801, 8839088, 7634745 -- Do not uninstall this version of Smart View and then install a previous version of Smart View. If you must do this, then delete the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook\Addins\Hyperion.CommonAddin.

  • 14233719 -- If you are upgrading to this release from a Smart View PSE release, Oracle recommends that you first uninstall the PSE release and then install this release.


  • 7408376 -- Replacement labels for missing data and other preferences specified in the Smart Slice Options dialog box during Smart Slice creation are not applied to function grids based on the Smart Slice. Instead, the options specified by Smart View users in the Options dialog box are applied to function grids.

  • 7432260 -- You cannot resize columns in table reports.

    Workaround: This is expected behavior; to enable column resizing, do the following:

    1. Insert a table on the grid and refresh.

    2. Enter Excel Design Mode (available from the Excel Developer ribbon or Visual Basic toolbar).

    3. Right-click the table and select Microsoft Office Spreadsheet 11.0 Object, and then Command and Options.

    4. From the Properties dialog box, select the Protection tab, then select Resize Columns.

    5. Select the Sheet tab, then select Column Headers.

    6. Click OK.

  • 7447990 -- Unlike EPM Workspace, the Smart View Panel does not display hidden files or files with duplicate names. Therefore, file counts may differ between Workspace and Smart View.

  • 8312407 -- If you open a workbook in Excel 2003 that was previously saved in Excel 2007 as an .xlsx file, you may get an error message. This is a Microsoft issue.

    Workaround: Save the file in Excel 2007 with an .xls extension; it will then open properly in Excel 2003.

  • 9083246 -- When you try to close Excel, it may terminate abruptly. This is a Microsoft issue. Ensure that you save your work before closing Excel.

  • 9315130 -- Microsoft security update KB969604 for Office 2007 breaks Smart View functionality in Word. See Microsoft documentation for information about fixing this problem.

  • 9691355 -- When you delete a worksheet that containing a reporting object from the Report Designer, Excel may terminate abruptly. This is a Microsoft issue.

  • 11068363 --It may take more than one attempt to log into the Workspace server for Crystal Ball.

  • 11659670 -- Interfaces in Arabic and Hebrew versions of Smart View may contain layout, alignment, and other display issues.

  • 11934177 -- If Excel transition options are enabled, many Excel functions, including copy/paste and automation API calls, do not work. This is a Microsoft limitation.

  • 12569072 -- Excel macros may not work after Smart View is installed.

    Workaround: From the Smart View ribbon, select Options, then Advanced, and then select the Improve Metadata Storage option.

  • 13987451 --For larger workbooks, a “not enough resources” error may occur.

    Workaround: Try to break up your workbook into smaller workbooks.

  • 14401306, 14401320 -- Reports that were created in release and earlier will not migrate, convert, or insert correctly.

    Workaround: In order to migrate and use these reports, you must install the owc11.dll file. Go to the Microsoft web site to download and install owc11.dll.

  • 14402151 -- Large workbooks can take a very long time to open when Smart View is installed.

  • 14494179 -- Zooming out after performing a zoom in can leave blank rows on the worksheet.

    Workaround: This is not a specific Smart View issue but may be related to excess formatting not being removed by Excel. Oracle recommends trying the following Microsoft workarounds:

  • 14648478 -- The Smart View installer does not fully support bidirectional (BiDi) languages. This can result in installer screens containing formatting errors such as overlapping or misaligned text and icons. The installer can be used, however, and the installed Smart View product will display correctly in BiDi languages.

  • 14506528 -- If you are using an XML file for shared connections, as described in “Accessing Shared Connections from an XML File” in the Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office User's Guide, be sure to note that only ASCII characters are supported in the XML file. Do not use non-ASCII characters in any of the entries you make in this file.

  • 14851501 -- Copying and pasting cells between Excel worksheets using the keyboard commands Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V does not work when Smart View is enabled.

    Workaround: From the Smart View ribbon, select Options, then Advanced, and then select the Improve Metadata Storage option.

  • 14456134 -- Various issues may arise when the Excel option, Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchance (DDE), is selected. For example, there are problems launching Excel, launching Excel files from outside of Excel, and using the Export in Query Ready Mode option against Firefox 17.x to export balances from Financial Reporting.

    Workaround: Click the Microsoft Office Button (upper left corner of Excel), and then click Excel Options. In the Advanced category, scroll down to the General options, and then clear the Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchance (DDE) check box. Restart Excel.

  • 15993607 -- After providing user credentials in a single-signon environment, the following error message is briefly displayed:

    Server Error - 405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed
    The page you are looking for cannot be displayed because an invalid method 
    (HTTP verb) was used to attempt access

    The user is then successfully signed into Smart View.

  • 16180415-- Drill-through to Oracle Fusion General Ledger applications fails when you are not already logged into the applications. Be sure to log into applications before performing drill-through operations in Smart View.

Disclosure Management

  • 14275486 -- When Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management doclets are combined into master documents, table autofit formatting may be lost.


  • 11841013 -- You may not be able to change members in a Smart List.

  • 12884154 -- When you select Pivot from the Essbase ribbon to pivot a row member, the member is moved instead to the POV toolbar.

  • 12890030 -- If you change alias tables, members that you drag from the POV toolbar to the grid may be lost.

  • 12879435 -- A member name in the grid may be displayed as its alias instead of as its name in the Query Designer. However, despite the inconsistent names, the query will execute properly.

  • 12913962 -- When you associate a connection to an ad hoc worksheet using Set Active Connection, members may disappear from the worksheet when you refresh.

    Workaround: Instead of associating a connection, perform direct ad hoc analysis on the worksheet.

  • 13516151 -- When you zoom in on the uppermost dimension in a column that contains more than one dimension, children are displayed with blank columns in between. This happens when Preserve Formulas and Comments in Ad Hoc Operations is selected in the Member Options page of the Options dialog box.

    Workaround: Do not select Preserve Formulas and Comments in Ad Hoc Operations.

  • 13729593 -- When you use Firefox 9.x or 10.x, data may not be displayed in the Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management ERP Integration Adapter for Oracle Applications landing page when you drill through from Smart View.

    Workaround: Go to the Add-ons menu in FireFox and ensure that the Smart View extension is enabled.

  • 14470264 -- The HsGetVariable function does not support non-ASCII variable values.

  • 15927555 -- The “Disconnect All” command is not breaking all open connections.

  • 16298148 -- Retrievals take an exceptionally long time to complete if a row contains unknown members.

  • 16480689 -- An Essbase error occurs when a Zoom In operation is performed for an entire column. (You select an entire column by clicking in the Excel column heading area, where the letters A, B, C, and so on, appear.)

    Workaround: Select the actual range of cells in the column and then perform the Zoom In.

Financial Management

  • 7608591 -- In German operating systems, multiple zeroes may be incorrectly appended to numbers that are entered into the Cell Text field. For example, 15 may become 1500000. To avoid this problem, precede numbers that you enter into Cell Text with a single quotation mark, for example, '15.

  • 9382988 -- In the Customize Field dialog box, shortcut keys do not work.

    Workaround: To navigate fields in this dialog box, use the tab key.

  • 13524210 -- The VBA function HypGetMembers returns both member name and description; it should return only the description.

  • 14822441, 15959703 -- Cell colors defined in web forms are not retained when the form is opened in Smart View.

  • 16199752 -- When connected to an Financial Management provider and the Move formatting on operations option is enabled (Options dialog box, Formatting tab), operations such as Keep Only and Remove Only fail.

  • 16319892 -- After opening a web form and selecting a particular entity type, and then opening another web form, the entity POV is reset to the [none] member when switching between web forms.

  • 16451623 -- Chart data is not properly updated upon Refresh if the data for the current intersection is #Invalid.

    Workaround: Change the slider or POV to a valid data point that displays different data, and then perform a Refresh. The chart is properly updated.

  • 16451759 -- Charts cannot be copied and pasted correctly. See also Limited Chart Copy and Paste Support.

Financial Reporting

  • 14643318 -- An “Invalid Pointer” error results during login when the data source connection has timed out and you attempt to refresh a previously-saved report that contains a function grid.

    Workaround: Close the workbook and Excel. Then, restart Excel, open the workbook, and perform the refresh.

  • 14600472 -- In an imported query-ready report, some line items may change after a refresh.

  • 16589367 -- In Oracle Access Management environments, when using the Financial Reporting extension in Smart View, importing a Function Grid or an Office Table results in a connection error.

  • 16590232 -- After upgrading from Release to Release, users are unable to import some Financial Reporting reports on the first attempt. Not all Financial Reporting reports will have this problem. The reports with this problem will import correctly at the second attempt and thereafter.

Hyperion Enterprise

  • 13571266 -- On Windows XP, the Oracle Hyperion Enterprise® migration utility may fail to load.

    Workaround: Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86), available from the Microsoft web site.

Oracle BI EE

  • 14342299, 14507281-- An error can occur when you have multiple Oracle BI EE connections open at one time.

    Only one connection at a time is supported to an Oracle BI EE provider. If you attempt to connect to a second Oracle BI EE provider, the catalog will not display the contents of the second connection correctly.

    Workaround: Disconnect all Oracle BI EE connections and keep only one connection open at a time.

  • 14345387 -- Smart View does not support direct insert of stepped and curved line charts. When inserting a stepped or curved line chart, Smart View will substitute the closest match, a default line chart. This is expected behavior.

  • 14355587 -- Selection lists specified for prompts in BI Answers (radio button lists and check box lists) are converted to list controls in Smart View. This is expected behavior.

  • 14563557 -- Checking or clearing the “Use unified scale” option in BI Answers requires that you use the “Replace View” option when refreshing in Smart View. This is expected behavior.

    For information on setting refresh preferences, see “Specifying Preferences for Refreshing Views” in the “Smart View and Oracle BI EE” chapter of the Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office User's Guide.

  • 14580332 -- Time zone preferences set in Oracle BI EE account preferences are not exposed in Smart View.

  • 14583775 -- Smart View does not display prompt values on double columns based on code column values when the double columns are set up in BI Answers with the "Enable User to select by code column" option selected.

  • 14594347, 14594221 -- When performing an Insert as Excel Table or Insert as Excel Pivot Table, the order in which columns are rendered Smart View may not match the order that was specified in design mode in BI Answers.

  • 14600296 -- In the Prompt Selector, there is a limit of 256 items that can be displayed in drop-down list controls or option lists.

    Workaround: Increase the value of the setting in Prompts/MaxDropDownValues in instance.config in BI Answers.

  • 14685723 -- An exception occurs when an invalid value is typed as an input in the text box corresponding to a double column prompt.

  • 14689283 -- In View Designer, you cannot create a view where a hierarchy member is positioned at the top of a list of members in any edge. For example, using the Sample Sales database, you cannot position the Time Hierarchy, and then the D3 Organization member below it, in the Row edge.

  • 14690536 -- In the View Designer, the tab order through the interface elements is not correct and there is no focus on check boxes.

  • 14737958, 14750088 -- In View Designer, you cannot create a view with a column of numeric type on the Page or Section edges.

  • 14754719 -- Table or pivot table views containing two or more hierarchy members cannot be created in the View Designer.

  • 14780195 -- Copying and pasting table views from an Oracle BI EE dashboard to Smart View results in an “invalid object” error when the analysis contains a static text view or narrative view.

  • 14788102 -- Smart View fails when inserting a pivot table where all the columns in the Row edge of the pivot table are hidden.

    Workarounds: Insert as a table instead. Alternatively, exclude the columns.

  • 15840478 -- Pie charts are not refreshed after adding a filter in BI Answers if the filter added is on a dimension that defines the number of pies that display.

    Workaround: If there is a change in a filter column that is also defined as a number-of-pies dimension, then you should change the refresh option on the chart view to Replace View, and then perform another refresh. This ensures a correct refresh, updating the number of pies and the chart titles that correctly reflect the new data.

    See “Specifying Preferences for Refreshing Views ” in the Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office User's Guide for instructions.

  • 15840538 -- Pie charts are not refreshed after removing a filter in BI Answers if the filter removed is on a dimension that defines the number of pies that display.

    Workaround: See the workaround specified for bug 15840478.

  • 15886617 -- The precision of digits that Smart View can display in Excel is limited to the precision of digits allowed by Excel.

    For example, the following is an 18-digit number formatted with two decimal places:


    Because of Excel's 15-digit precision limitation, the digits after the 15th digit are changed to zeroes in Excel and the number would be displayed as follows:

  • 15969695 -- A memory error occurs when inserting a chart into PowerPoint.

    Workaround: Install Microsoft Office Service Pack 3.

  • 16026143 -- In the Oracle BI EE catalog in Smart View, in some cases, the views in an analysis may not display when the analysis contains views with hierarchical columns.

  • 16218211 -- An “Unsupported AMF version” message appears when attempting to perform an action after the Oracle BI EE server connection has timed out.

    Workaround: Terminate the Office application, restart it, and then reconnect to Oracle BI EE.

  • 16219221 -- -- Scatter charts and bubble charts do not display correctly if there are more than 255 data points in a chart, where one data point represents one scatter point or one bubble.

    Workaround: Oracle recommends limiting data points to 255.

  • 16373849 -- When inserting multiple objects from a compound view into PowerPoint and selecting the “one object per slide” option, an Excel instance is opened for each object and then minimized in the Windows Taskbar. However, when the insert operation is complete, the Excel instances are not automatically closed. This can clutter the Taskbar when inserting a large number of objects.

    Workaround: To minimize the number of Excel instances shown in the Taskbar, click the Office button (in the upper left corner of Excel), select Excel Options, and then select the Advanced tab. In Display options, clear the Show all windows in the Taskbar check box.

  • 16374242 -- Changing the chart type in an Office application after inserting a chart may cause unpredictable results. This is because rendering requirements for some chart types may not transfer completely other chart types. For example, changing the chart type from a scatter chart to a 3D bubble chart causes incorrect changes to the graph.

    When you require a different chart type, Oracle recommends making chart type changes in BI Answers and then reinserting the chart, ensuring that you delete the old chart in the Office application.

  • 16055532 -- When pivot tables that contain embedded pivot charts are inserted into Smart View, the embedded pivot charts are not imported.

    Workarounds: You can either use Excel to create a pivot chart based on an inserted Excel pivot table or use BI Answers to create a new chart view and insert that view using Smart View.

    • To create a pivot chart based on the inserted native Excel pivot table, complete these steps:

      1. In Smart View, click in the Excel pivot table and select the Excel Options ribbon.

      2. From the Tools group, click the PivotChart button.

      3. In Insert Chart, select a chart style and then click OK.

    • To create and insert a separate chart view:

      1. In BI Answers, create a new, separate chart view object.

      2. In the Office application, use Smart View to insert the newly-created chart view.

    In both workarounds, the pivot chart is rendered.

  • 16397682 -- After inserting a chart filtered by a column which is also used in the section edge, removing and then adding back sections from a filter in BI Answers causes the chart to display incorrectly when refreshed in Smart View. This is expected behavior.

    When the filter is initially removed in BI Answers, the remaining charts are displayed correctly upon Refresh in Smart View. When the filter is added back in BI Answers, and a Smart View Refresh is performed, the chart is added back to the sheet, but in the default bar chart format.

    This same behavior is also seen when copying and pasting a chart section and then refreshing. The copied chart displays as a default bar chart after refresh.

    Workaround: Edit the chart using Excel's chart editing tools; however, some chart elements may differ slightly in appearance from the elements in the other charts. Alternatively, reinsert the entire chart view so that all chart elements are uniform.

  • 16520355 -- In Word and PowerPoint, there can be some overlapping of tables and charts when inserting a compound view or when a compound view is either inserted from the catalog or copied and pasted. This is especially true when any of the objects in the compound view are particularly large.

  • 16616561 -- Inserting table views and pivot table views results in an error when the view contains sections along with hierarchical columns on the row edge that have been drilled into.

    Workaround: In BI Answers, remove sections in the view or undo the drill operations, save the analysis, and then re-insert into Smart View. Alternatively, you may apply selection steps and filtering to the analysis in Oracle Business Intelligence Answers to achieve the same effect.


  • 6533549, 6549255 -- If a member cell contains a formula that calculates the value for a summary time period, that cell should be locked, but instead, Smart View may mark it as dirty if the data for the member is modified.

  • 9414544 -- When you are connected to a Planning provider through shared connections and try to add a server via Oracle Hyperion Provider Services, you may get the following error message: “Check if the Server/URL you provided is correct and if the server is up and running." This is an SSL certificate issue. In the enterprise SSL offloading setup, connections from Provider Services to Planning must be HTTP and not HTTPS.

  • 11898135 -- Data forms fail to open if you are using Planning with this release of Smart View.

  • 12775474 -- If other add-ins besides Smart View are enabled for Excel, forms, especially larger ones, may take a long time to open. This does not happen if the other add-ins are disabled.

  • 12877317 -- If you connect to Planning through Oracle Hyperion Provider Services in Release or later, ad hoc analysis, the Query Designer, and copy/paste functionality is not available.

    Workaround: Connect directly to Planning.

  • 14521355 -- Users may not be able to smoothly scroll through worksheets using the arrow at the bottom of the scroll bar. Instead, the movement may be erratic, characterized by jerks.

  • 14805911 -- Performance may be very slow when launching the User Preferences dialog box from a Planning application in the Smart View Panel, and selecting members for user variables in Smart View.

  • 14834659 -- When substitution variables are used, the last column (the right-most column) on Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis forms is dropped or hidden when the form is opened in Smart View.

  • 15919182. 16292632 -- In a Oracle Hyperion Planning data form in Smart View, if you change the POV (using the cell drop-down to change the POV to a different member), data you enter for the current POV is submitted to the previously-selected POV member. Also, there is no warning message that you are on a different POV.

Reporting and Analysis

  • 6575786 -- Refresh and Refresh All do not work if two pages of a Web Analysis report are imported sequentially.

    Workaround: Use All Pages to import multiple pages of a report.

  • 6908330 -- Oracle Hyperion Reporting and Analysis documents are not displayed in Import Workspace Document Folder Tree if EPM Workspace is under WebSeal and configured for a context path (http://<server>:<port>/<context path>/workspace) other than the default (http://<server>:<port>/workspace).

  • 7674839 -- When you import a Financial Reporting report into Smart View and refresh, the worksheet becomes solid black, except for the cells imported from Financial Reporting.

    Workaround: From the Excel Tools menu, select Options. On the Color tab, click Reset and then OK.

  • 9160243 -- These issues exist with dashboards imported as images from Smart View into Excel, Word, and PowerPoint:

    • The image sizes differ from the images in EPM Workspace.

    • There is an excess of background space around the images.

    Workaround: In some cases, you may be able to resize the graphic to make it more usable. However, because of Microsoft Office limitations, any excess background space will always be present.

  • 12564498, 12867625, 13875551 -- When you export an Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting report from Internet Explorer into Smart View, the Smart View ribbon disappears in Excel.

    Workaround: Open Excel before exporting from Internet Explorer.

  • 14722340 -- When connected to Web Analysis or Interactive Reporting, you cannot use the Document Contents feature with Word or PowerPoint. Web Analysis and Interactive Reporting support the Document Contents feature in Excel only.

  • 14800357 -- You cannot delete image-based reports for Financial Reporting, Oracle Hyperion Interactive Reporting, or Oracle Hyperion Web Analysis using the Delete option in the Document Contents panel.

    Workaround: Delete the entire sheet containing the report.

  • 16412491 -- When exporting an Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting report using the “Export In Query-Ready” mode from Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Workspace, Smart View automatically selects the Repeated Members option, causing repeated column headings to be automatically suppressed. This occurs even though the Repeated Members option was not selected before importing the report.

Strategic Finance

  • 13698118 -- When changing the scenario from an open report, the change is reflected only in the selected report, not in the Account View or other open reports.

    Workaround: Change the scenario from the Account View to propagate the change to all open reports.

  • 14734597 -- When opening a Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance entity in Smart View, the sheet splits horizontally as the entity is being loaded. Once the entity is fully loaded, the split is removed. As you scroll in the worksheet and the entity is repainted, the split reappears, and is again removed.

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • 16073739 -- If you are using a custom html-based login form instead of the default Oracle Access Manager login form, ensure that the source of the custom form includes the string loginform. This is required to allow Smart View integration with Oracle Access Manager to work.

  • 16067660 -- On machines where Oracle Essbase Spreadsheet Add-in or and Smart View are both installed, you are prompted for a password when trying to open and close a spreadsheet file that contains macros and is secured with a password.

    Workaround: Upgrade to the release of Smart View.

Accessing EPM System Product Documentation

The most recent version of each EPM System product guide is available for downloading or viewing from the EPM System Documentation area of the OTN website ( You can also use the EPM System Documentation Portal (, which also links to EPM Supported Platform Matrices, My Oracle Support, and other information resources.

Deployment-related documentation is also available from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud website (

Individual product guides are available for download on the Oracle Technology Network website only.

Copying and Pasting Code Snippets from PDFs

When you cut and paste code snippets from a PDF file, some characters can be lost during the paste operation, making the code snippet invalid.

Workaround: Cut and paste from the HTML version of the document.

Smart View Developer's Guide

Starting in release, information on Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) functions has been moved to the new Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office Developer's Guide. The VBA functions are no longer part of the Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office User's Guide.

With Microsoft Excel's Visual Basic Editor, you can customize and automate common Smart View tasks using VBA functions.

The Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office Developer's Guide is available in the Smart View library on Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

Refreshable Content

16374057 -- The following Smart View content can be copied and pasted using the Copy and Paste buttons in the Smart View ribbon, and then refreshed using Smart View Refresh:

  • Ad hoc—all applicable providers

  • Functions—all applicable providers

  • Oracle BI EE tables

Other content in Smart View will be pasted as static text, including content from Excel pivot tables.

Cell Styles Clarification

16233803 -- Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office allows the setting of only one style per property.

For example, you may set a background style or a font style for Parent members, but you cannot set both a background and font style for Parent members.

Limited Chart Copy and Paste Support

16451759 -- Chart copy and paste is only supported for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition charts. Charts based on other providers, such as Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, do not paste correctly.

Browser Settings When Using HTTP Option with Shared Connections XML File

16231447 -- Complete the steps in this topic if you are planning to access shared connections from an XML file located on an HTTP server.

To properly use a URL pointing to the data source XML file in the Shared Connections URL field of the Smart View Options dialog box, Oracle recommends setting the following options in Internet Explorer:

  1. Select Tools, then Internet Options.

  2. In the General tab, Browsing history group, select Settings.

  3. In the Check for newer versions of stored pages section, select Every time I visit the webpage, and then click OK.

  4. In the Internet Options dialog box, select the Advanced tab.

  5. In the Security section, select the Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed option.

  6. Click OK to close Internet Options and restart the browser.

New Planning Extension Omitted from “Extensions” Topic

A new Planning Admin Extension for Smart View allows Oracle Hyperion Planning administrator users to import and work with metadata in Smart View. This extension was omitted in error from the “Extensions” topic in the Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office User's Guide. The Planning Admin Extension is documented in the Oracle Hyperion Planning Administrator's Guide.

Searching in Smart View” Topic Correction

16558587 -- In the “Searching in Smart View” topic in the Oracle Hyperion Smart View for Office User's Guide, the notation, */?, is unclear.

The corrected topic text should read:

For Essbase, use an asterisk (*) or question mark (?) as wild cards.

Documentation Feedback

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Accessibility Considerations

Our goal is to make Oracle products, services, and supporting documentation accessible to the disabled community. EPM System products support accessibility features, which are described in the product's Accessibility Guide. Find the most up-to-date version of this guide in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Documentation Library on the Oracle Technology Network (

In addition, this Readme file is accessible in HTML format.