The image is a screen capture of a portion of the Select SAN LUNs window. It displays two counters: the Additional Storage counter is 84, and the Additional Number of LUNs is 4. The SAN Library drop-down field contains the exported_iscsi selected. The Available LUNs table lists seven GUIDs in the LUN GUID column, no information in the Allocated to column, and all LUNs as a Size of 21 GB. Four LUNS are highlighted. The Available LUNs in Library counter is 7 and the Selected LUNS from library counter is 4. In the Selected LUNs table, the same highlighted LUNs are listed by LUN GUID and with their size. Between the two tables is a right arrow button and a shaded right arrow button. The Available LUNs in Library as 7 and Selected LUNS from library as 4.