Oracle Commerce Service Center Documentation
Release 11.0

Commerce Service Center Installation and Programming Guide  HTML | PDF
Describes how to install and configure Oracle Commerce Service Center (Oracle ATG Web Commerce Service Center), a customer service application for Oracle ATG Web Commerce sites. Also contains information on programming tasks, including instructions for extending the application to meet your site's requirements.

Commerce Service Center User Guide  HTML | PDF
Describes how an agent can use Oracle ATG Web Commerce Service Center to perform online customer support tasks, including managing customer profiles, creating orders, and processing refunds and returned items.

Ticketing User Guide  HTML | PDF
Designed to help users understand and work with ATG Ticketing. Describes how to perform typical tasks such as creating and managing tickets, creating and managing customer profiles, and working with ticket-related assignments.

Service Center UI Programming Guide  HTML | PDF
Describes the framework used to develop user interface components for the Service Center.

API Reference for Oracle ATG Web Commerce Service Center  HTML
Javadoc descriptions of API classes.

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