This document describes the product enhancements, fixed issues, and known issues that are included in the Oracle Communications MetaSolv Solution (MSS) 6.2.1 release.


This document is intended for developers, testers, and administrators responsible for using and managing Oracle Communications MetaSolv Solution.

Related Documents

For more information, see the following documents in Oracle Communications MetaSolv Solution 6.2.1 documentation set:

  • MSS Planning Guide: Describes information you need to consider in planning your MetaSolv Solution environment prior to installation.

  • MSS Installation Guide: Describes system requirements and installation procedures for installing MetaSolv Solution.

  • MSS System Administrator's Guide: Describes post-installation tasks and administrative tasks such as maintaining user security.

  • MSS Database Change Reference: Provides information on the database changes for the MetaSolv Solution 6.2.1 release. Database changes for subsequent maintenance releases will be added to this guide as they are released.

  • MSS Network Grooming User's Guide: Provides information about the MSS Network Grooming tool.

  • MSS Technology Module Guide: Describes each of the MetaSolv Solution technology modules.

  • MSS Data Selection Tool How-to Guide: Provides an overview of the Data Selection Tool, and procedures on how it used to migrate the product catalog, equipment specifications, and provisioning plans from one release of your environment to another.

  • MSS Operational Reports: Provides an overview of using Operational Reports and Business Objects with MSS, and procedures for running reports, updating universes, and simple maintenance.

  • MSS CORBA API Developer's Reference: Describes how MetaSolv Solution APIs work, high-level information about each API, and instructions for using the APIs to perform specific tasks.

  • MSS Custom Extensions Developer's Reference: Describes how to extend the MetaSolv Solution business logic with custom business logic through the use of custom extensions.

  • MSS XML API Developer's Reference: Describes how to integrate MetaSolv Solution with other Oracle products, or with external applications, through the use of APIs.

  • MSS Flow-through Packages Guide: Describes information and procedures you need to install and work with the flow-through packages provided by Oracle as an example of how to integrate MetaSolv Solution with ASAP for flow-through activation.

For step-by-step instructions for tasks you perform in MetaSolv Solution, log into the application to see the online Help.

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