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Oracle® Advanced Support Gateway Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2017

Collect Registration Information

In addition to providing a system that meets the above specifications, collect the information listed in the following table before starting the installation. This information is used during the post-install registration process.

Information Needed
Your Information
Oracle Single Sign On (SSO) account
The person doing the installation must have an Oracle SSO account to complete the registration. Upon registration, the account name is stored within Oracle's audit logs to provide a record of the user who performed the gateway registration.
Oracle gateway activation code
The activation code is generated after completion of the Service Implementation Worksheet (SIW). The gateway automatically downloads the gateway hostname, UUID, and other required details during the registration process.
Primary interface IP address and subnet mask in CIDR notation, for example:
This is the IP address for the primary interface that is used to manage the gateway. This is provided by the customer's network administrator.
Default gateway IP address in CIDR notation
This is the default gateway IP of the primary interface. This is provided by the customer's network administrator.
HTTP proxy settings
If http-proxy is required for outbound communication, details of the server IP address and port number, as well as the proxy user name and password, can be provided during gateway installation. This is provided by the customer's network administrator.
Gateway user account
The installer uses the custadmin account and the default password to initiate the gateway installation. During installation, the installer is prompted to create a new gateway Administrator account (consisting of username, password, and email address). This gateway Administrator account will be used for gateway administration and the custadmin account is disabled.