Oracle® Documaker WIP Edit plug-in
Version 12.2.1
October 2013

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Items Addressed

This release is a cumulative release which includes enhancements and patches released in prior versions; please refer to the release notes and readmes for 12.2 and prior versions for additional items previously addressed. In addition to the following items, there may also be additional product enhancements outlined in the Release Notes which are available on OTN.


Documaker WipEdit Plug-In
BugDB# Description
17469786 This patch corrects a Workstation / WIP edit issue where a section created in batch is split using the CanSplitImage rule. If the image is split on an empty text area, the text area's size can collapse if the section is moved during data entry.
17470655 This patch corrects an entry issue (WIP Edit, Workstation) where field entry order becomes incorrect after sections are split by pagination.
17482390 This patch corrects an issue where Wipedit opened in multiple tabs may cause failures to save the document.
17416628 This patch fixes error message would pop-up after the WIP Edit plug-in had been loaded for five minutes.


Documaker WipEdit Plug-In
BugDB# Description
14360584 Studio and the Data Entry Check and WIP Edit plug-in have been modified to not show hidden forms in the tree or reserve space in the display.
14483846 This patch changes the content-type header to application octet-stream so as to avoid the failure of WIP Edit plug-in on some platforms.
14582074 This patch fixes the Pre-Edit and Post-Edit related updates. The Data Entry Check and WIP Edit plug-in will now perform any Pre-Edit or Post-Edit functions associated with sections. Pre-Edits occur at the start of editing. Post-Edits occur when the document is being closed.
16635943 This patch corrects an issue that occurs when newer versions of WipEdit are used with iDocumaker, when the WIPEDITPORT environment variable is used to specify a communication port, the user may get an error which prevents viewing/editing of transaction.

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