Chapter 1 Using Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Secure Global Desktop (SGD) provides you with secure, remote access to applications and desktops running on application servers.

You can be writing a report on a computer in the office, administering UNIX platform servers on your laptop at home, or checking share prices with a tablet on the train. SGD enables you do all of this.

SGD also enables you to run applications over a secure network connection to safeguard corporate and private data.

With SGD, you access all the applications and desktops that you can run from a single place, the workspace. To access your workspace, all you need is a browser.

This chapter guides you through the basics of using SGD. It describes how to log in and log out of the software, as well as how you can use SGD to run applications and desktops.


This chapter describes how to use SGD with a desktop computer. For information on using SGD with a tablet device, such as an iPad or Android device, see Chapter 2, Using a Tablet Device.