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PeopleSoft EPM is a comprehensive, integrated analytic business solution designed to increase the efficiency of your organization. PeopleSoft EPM helps your organization achieve operational excellence by providing insight into the information you need to drive predictability, accountability, and manage operational risk. EPM enables you to produce detailed activity analyses and resource plans, understand the cause-and-effect relationship between cost and behavior, organize strategic thinking and performance measurement, use continuous, collaborative forecasting to manage the plan and budget in real-time, and clearly communicate strategy and success measures.

EPM is supported by data warehouses, related data models, robust infrastructure and metadata, and the EPM Foundation toolset. EPM provides all the necessary tools to gather and manage data from PeopleSoft, legacy, and external data sources, enrich that data, and store it in an intuitive analytic context for you to analyze in a variety of ways and at a variety of levels. EPM enables you to deliver a single, accurate view of information across your organization.