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Preparing to Install and Implement IBM WebSphere DataStage

Perform the following preparatory tasks before you begin implementing ETL jobs:

  1. Create a detailed list of all the EPM products that have been purchased and the related license codes.

    Identify and enumerate the products you are going to implement and in what order.

  2. Create a detailed implementation schedule that accounts for the EPM data marts and business units you are going to implement.

  3. Review the list of ETL application software components (such as .dsx, parameter, and DSParams files) and identify which are necessary for your requirements based on your implementation schedule.

    See DSX File Import Descriptions.

  4. Identify the list of database tables that will be populated and the list of corresponding jobs that have to be executed to populate these tables.

    Note: Apart from the jobs, which directly populate the relevant target tables, you must also identify all the dependent jobs, such as hash file load jobs.

  5. Perform all non-ETL implementation tasks.