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PeopleSoft has an interface from Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) to FRS, a third party profitability and regulatory reporting solution. The FRS regulatory reporting system takes data from a bank's System of Record (SOR) and converts it to the required format and structure for reporting to regulatory agencies.

With this module, PeopleSoft delivers a set of components that allow you to map general ledger account and instrument balances into legal/regulatory reporting business units (RBUs) and assign FRS product and type (profit/loss) codes. The resultant mapped records then are available to FRS via a PeopleSoft generated file.

Image: Data processing flow overview

The following high-level diagram highlights the overall data processing flow and functionality. The objects in gray represent new elements comprising this new module.

Data processing flow overview

The External Data Sources object represents the System of Record as well as any other external sources of financial and relationship data.

The User Configured Mapping represents the module that allows you to define the mapping of your ledger and instrument balances into FRS product, type (profit/loss) codes and regulatory reporting business units.

PeopleSoft supplies a set of export tables suitable for import into FRS.