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Copying Stratification Rules

This section discusses how to copy stratification rules and modify them as necessary.

Page Used to Copy Stratification Rules

Page Name

Definition Name



Copy Stratification Rules


select Financial Services Industries, then select Product Portfolio, then select Stratification, then select Copy Stratification Rules

Create and modify stratification rules from existing rules.

Copy Stratification Rules Page

Use the Copy Stratification Rules page (SE_RULE_COPY) to create and modify stratification rules from existing rules.

To copy an existing stratification rule:

  1. Select the rule type: Cash Flows orReporting.

  2. Select an existing rule in the Copy From column.

  3. Enter the name of the new rule in the New Rule column.

  4. Click the Copy button.

    A processing message appears in the Return Message column to indicate if processing is successful or if there is an error.