This screen capture of the HDFS property settings in Cloudera Manager shows the following elements, listed from top to bottom and from left to right:

Locator links: Services to Service hdfs

hdfs, check mark for Currently Started with Good Health, Actions button.

Tabs: Status, Instances, Commands, Configuration (selected), Audits, Charts, Replication. WebUI menu.

Search field with "trash" entered, Remove Filter button, text field, Save Changes button.

The main panel displays the properties. The following properties and values are shown in a tabular format:

Category Property Value Description
Gateway (Base) Use Trash Selected options box

Reset to the default value: false

HDFS Trash is enabled

Move deleted files to the trash so that they can be recovered if necessary. A Namenode's Filesystem Trash Interval controls how often the trash is cleared out.
NameNode (Base) Filesystem Trash Interval


1 day(s)

Trash checkpointing is on

Number of minutes between trash checkpoints. To disable the trash feature, enter 0.