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Understanding HTML Definitions

An HTML definition is a blank window where you can enter HTML. Use HTML definitions for storing long strings of HTML text or HTML text that you use repeatedly in your application. Later, you can access the definition dynamically from an HTML area control by using the GetHTMLText PeopleCode function.

See GetHTMLText.

You can reference HTML definitions from an HTML area control statically or dynamically. However, the most common usage is to reference HTML definitions dynamically.

Note: Administrators can create HTML definitions (including JavaScript definitions) and free form style sheets, and upload images through portal branding pages (PeopleTools, Portal, Branding Objects), without requiring access to Application Designer. While the administrators cannot directly view or update the definitions created in Application Designer from the branding pages, definitions created with the portal branding pages can be viewed and edited in Application Designer. When creating a new definition using the portal branding pages, if the administrator uses an existing definition name of the same type, the system displays a prompt to overwrite an existing definition when saved. For more information on the portal branding pages, see Creating and Maintaining Portal Branding Objects.