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Building APIs in Java

If you plan to access your component interface from a Java external application, you must create a component interface API. The APIs are in the form of *.java source code files, which should be compiled into Java classes.

To build the component interface bindings:

  1. Open any component interface definition in PeopleSoft Application Designer.

    Use any component interface definition, because you can build APIs for all of them, regardless of which one is open.

  2. Select select Build, then select PeopleSoft APIs.

    The Build PeopleSoft API Bindings dialog box appears.

  3. Select the Build check box in the Java Classes group box.

    For the target directory, enter the directory in which you want the Java class source files to be created.

  4. Click OK to build the bindings that you selected.

    The files that constitute the bindings are built in the location that you specified. If the operation is successful, a Done message appears in the PeopleSoft Application Designer Build window.

  5. Compile the APIs that you just generated.

    You could use one of these commands:

    • Example 1:

      cd %PS_HOME%\class\PeopleSoft\Generated\CompIntfc 
      javac −classpath %PS_HOME%\class\psjoa.jar *.java
    • Example 2:

      cd c:\pt8\class\PeopleSoft\Generated\PeopleSoft 
      javac −classpath %PS_HOME%\class\psjoa.jar *.java