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Understanding Process Request Classes

The ProcessRequest class provides properties and a method for scheduling a pre-defined process or job. You must define the process or the job (using Process Scheduler Manager) before you can schedule it using the ProcessRequest class.

The properties of this class contain the same values as those required by Process Scheduler Manager for scheduling a process or job. Values you provide for these properties may override the equivalent values set in Process Scheduler Manager, depending on the override settings you make in PeopleSoft Process Scheduler pages.

Starting with PeopleSoft 8.4, PeopleSoft supports only the ProcessRequest class to schedule a process or a job in PeopleCode. The ScheduleProcess PeopleCode function is no longer supported. Any existing PeopleCode functions containing this deprecated function must be modified to use the ProcessRequest class to schedule a request.

This topic assumes that the reader has working knowledge of PeopleSoft Process Scheduler.