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Using Keyboard Shortcuts

This section provides an overview of keyboard shortcuts and discusses how to:

Understanding Keyboard Shortcuts

Working in a browser-based environment can often be mouse intensive. However, PeopleSoft applications offer keyboard navigation alternatives to using a mouse. These shortcuts are classified into two categories: hot keys and access keys.

To view a printable list of these shortcuts while online, press Shift+Ctrl+K while on a search or transaction page.

Note: Certain browsers may treat access keys and hot keys differently.

See “Troubleshooting Browser Limitations” on My Oracle Support for specific information about browser differences.

Using Hot Keys

Hot keys perform immediate actions. When you press one, the designated action occurs. Note that several hot keys perform different functions, depending on the page that you are on, such as a transaction page or a search page.

Note: Certain PeopleSoft hot keys do not work as expected on alternate, non-U.S. keyboard layouts. For example, ALT+', ALT+\, and ALT+/ do not produce the expected results on the AZERTY keyboard. This occurs because some keys on non-U.S. keyboards produce different key codes than the same key on a U.S. keyboard (also known as a QWERTY keyboard).

You can find a solution to this problem in the product documentation for PeopleTools: Global Technology. See PeopleSoft Hot Keys Do Not Function As Expected on a non-U.S. Keyboard

Using Access Keys

Access keys move the focus of your cursor to a particular button on a page, at which point you can press Enter to carry out the command. This action is equivalent to clicking the appropriate button.

The following table outlines the shortcuts that you can use instead of clicking the equivalent action button. After pressing the desired key combination, you must press Enter to carry out the action. For example, to save a page press Alt+1 followed by Enter. Note that some access keys have multiple actions assigned to them, and their usage depends on the currently active page.

You can also use access keys for page tabs to help you move between pages in a component. Identify these access keys by noting the underlined letter in the page tab name. To access a page, press Alt plus the underlined letter, and then press Enter.

Menu Pagelet Access Keys

Navigate between menus by pressing Ctrl+Z, which moves the focus of your cursor to the menu pagelet. From the menu, press Tab (or Shift+Tab for reverse direction) to navigate through the menu.