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Defining Origin Codes

To define origin codes, use the Origin Codes component (PO_ORIGIN_CODES).

Origin codes identify places in the system from which transactions originate. For example, you can define origin codes to indicate online entry, fax, or email. You can also use these codes to identify departments or groups within the organization. Origin codes enable you to group the transactions, and they provide an additional level from which information can appear by default in transactions.

PeopleSoft Purchasing and PeopleSoft Payables share the same procurement origin code table. This sharing enables the PeopleSoft Payables Voucher Build process to build vouchers from PeopleSoft Purchasing receipts, non-purchase order receipts, purchase orders, and contracts, regardless of the origin code default values. Because these two applications share origin codes, PeopleSoft Payables is able to recognize default origin codes, regardless of where they are set.

This section lists the page used to define origin codes.

Page Used to Define Origin Codes

Page Name

Definition Name



PO Origin Codes


select Set Up Financials/Supply Chain, then select Product Related, then select Procurement Options, then select Purchasing, then select PO Origin Codes, then select PO Origin Codes

Create a code that identifies the originator of a transaction in the system.