This figure shows a Decision Table in Rules Designer. It contains conditions C1 Driver.age and C2 Driver.has_training. The Driver.age condition has rule less than 20 and rule greater than or equal to 20. The Driver.has_training condition has rule true and false. The table cells are split so that Driver.age has a pair of Driver.has_training cells below it with values true and false and Driver.age >=20 has a single do not care value cell below it for the Driver.has_training condition cell. There is one action A1 modify Driver with parameters age of type int, has_training of type boolean, eligible of type boolean. This action is enabled for all rules. The action parameter eligible is parameterized and set as follows: rule 1 Driver.age less than 20, Driver.has_training true, eligible true; rule 2 Driver.age less than 20, Driver.has_training false, eligible false; rule 3 Driver.age greater than or equal to 20, Driver.has_training do not care, Action A1 eligible true.