This illustration shows the process flow for creating a new cell. The process is (1) create a cell, (2) specify cell, node, and profile information, (3) specify the Deployment Manager information, (4) create the cell, (5) add products to the cell, (6) (shown in dashed lines) if applicable, configure JDBC data sources and test database connectivity, (7) (shown in dashed lines) if applicable, configure JDBC component schema and test the data sources, (8) perform optional configuration, (9) review the cell configuration summary, and create the cell. If you choose optional configuration (Step 8), then before Step 9, you can (a) configure Application Servers, clusters, end points, and file store shared directories, (b) (shown in dashed lines) target application deployments, services, custom services, and resource adapters to clusters or servers, (c) (shown in dashed lines) target JDBC data sources to clusters or servers, and (d) target JMS resources to clusters and servers.