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Oracle® Providers for ASP.NET Developer's Guide
12c Release 1 (12.1) for Microsoft Windows

Part Number E17733-02
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Overview of Oracle Providers for ASP.NET

Oracle Providers for ASP.NET is a collection of ASP.NET providers that follow the ASP.NET provider model and uses Oracle Database as the data source.

Microsoft ASP.NET includes a number of services and providers that store application state in databases and other storage media. Developers can store application state, such as shopping cart or user information, in a persistent data source. By storing the application state in a database, applications ensure high availability and reliable access to the data from any Web server in the server farm. Users can retrieve their ASP.NET state data no matter which Web farm computer they access because it is located centrally on the database. If the particular Web farm computer a user is accessing fails, the information is not lost because the ASP.NET data is persisted in the database. ASP.NET developers can now be more productive as they build their Web applications through these ASP.NET services, which are classes that are part of the .NET Framework.

These ASP.NET services are data-source independent, but they can be configured to use a particular ASP.NET provider, which is implemented specifically to store and retrieve data from a specific data source. Oracle Providers for ASP.NET, like all ASP.NET providers, follow the ASP.NET provider model to provide all the functionality that the ASP.NET services need. By simply configuring the Oracle Providers for ASP.NET as default providers in a configuration file, ASP.NET applications can store various types of application states in an Oracle database. The application states that can be stored are commonly used among Web applications. ASP.NET developers can use these providers, as opposed to creating their own from scratch.

Oracle Providers for ASP.NET are available for both 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) platforms. See "System Requirements" for more details.

Oracle offers the following providers:

Descriptions of each provider that Oracle offers are as follows: