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Oracle® Data Provider for .NET Developer's Guide
12c Release 1 (

Part Number E41125-02
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Oracle Data Provider for .NET Versioning Scheme

Starting with, Oracle Data Provider for .NET, Unmanaged Driver ships with two sets of binaries: one set for .NET Framework 2.0 and another for .NET Framework 4.

For example, ODP.NET binaries would be the following:

The convention for ODP.NET assembly/DLL versioning is



For example, if the ODP.NET product version number is, the corresponding ODP.NET assembly versions are:

Note that the Oracle installer and documentation still refer to the ODP.NET product version number and not the assembly/DLL version number.

As with the .NET Framework system libraries, the first digit of the assembly version number indicates the version of the .NET Framework to use with an ODP.NET assembly.

Publisher Policy DLL is provided as before so that applications built with older versions of ODP.NET are redirected to the newer ODP.NET assembly, even though the versioning scheme has changed.

ODP.NET, Managed Driver follows a similar version model for its binaries.

ODP.NET for .NET Framework 4: