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Oracle Data Access Components Documentation


Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC) are a set of Windows and .NET data access drivers and tools. They include support for .NET, COM, and ODBC data access; Microsoft Visual Studio tools for developing Oracle database applications; ASP.NET providers; and .NET stored procedure support. ODAC provides comprehensive client support for advanced Oracle database functionality, including performance, high availability, and security, among other features. It is tightly integrated with Visual Studio and Windows to provide a seamless development experience for Windows developers.

For the latest information on ODAC products, including step-by-step tutorials, technical articles, white papers, and videos on developing .NET applications with the Oracle Database, please visit OTN .NET Developer Center.


  • Oracle Data Provider for .NET Developer's Guide HTML PDF
  • Oracle Data Provider for .NET Oracle TimesTen
    In-Memory Database Support User's Guide HTML PDF
  • Oracle Providers for ASP.NET Developer's Guide HTML PDF
  • Oracle Provider for OLE DB Developer's Guide HTML PDF
  • Oracle Services for Microsoft Transaction Server
    Developer's Guide HTML PDF
  • Oracle Database Extensions for .NET Developer's Guide HTML PDF